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Docstoc is a document sharing website. The RFSC is using it to facilitate uploading, storage, and searching of its documents. We have created a collection of RFSC docs located here. Docstoc permits MS Word, TXT, PPT, and PDF files. All of the files we upload are either open source (government) or Copyleft (share and share alike).

Retail Foodservice HACCP Templates

Retail Foodservice HACCP (Templates)

Purchasing Safe Foods factsheet

Purchasing Safe Food Products

Be Food Safe (USDA FSIS)

Get this image and similar ones from the USDA FSIS website: Logos can't be altered. FSIS allows and encourages reproduction of the logo for educational purposes without further permission. Permission for any use on packaging, labels, or marketing materials must be granted by FSIS. USDA does not endorse any products, services, or organizations.

IAFP Allergen Icons

23 total allergen icons available directly from IAFP. Some restrictions apply to use. Food Safety Icons are available too.

Food Code Food Employee Interview Template (MS Word)

Food Code Food Employee Interview

Warewashing SOP and Form

Manual Warewasing SOP Template


Signage 11 photos in Picasa Album as of 6/09

View and download them from Picasa

Food Safety Icons from IAFP

Here are some food safety icons available from the International Association for Food Protection.

Fourteen icons are available.

Download them directly from IAFP for use.

Potentially Hazardous Food Photos

We've got photos too. These are copyleft RFSC 2009. Use and re-use them for all non-commercial purposes. View all of the RFSC photos available for download here.

Mobile Phone / PDA Food Code

Ever complain about not having the model food code handy to check on something? Check out http://www.foodcode.mobi for a version of the 2005 model food code that should be easy to read on a mobile phone or PDA web browser. Since it's in HTML it's searchable unlike the PDF versions online from FDA-CFSAN.

2005 Food Code - Spanish Mexican Dialect

PDF Document.2005 Food Code (Spanish - Mexican Dialect) Contributed by Maricopa County Health Dept.

RFSC-Sharing Resources

This blog was created to highlight documents that have been shared. In most cases, sharing means permitting use and re-use of your documents. The ability to edit or extract information makes document sharing exceptionally valuable to food safety professionals.

We use the copyleft or "share and share alike" document rights management. Submitters of documents grant the copyleft designation and users can download documents and use them at will for all not-for-profit uses.

All government documents are open source and can be used in any manner.

RFSC-Why we're here.

Retail-Foodservice Food Safety Consortium Brochure

The U.S. retail food industry (grocery, restaurants, etc.) includes over 1,500,000 establishments. Shrinking budgets, international trade, new technologies, emerging pathogens, and changing consumer habits place unprecedented demands on retail food safety professionals. The Retail Food Safety Consortium, through networking, information sharing, and strategic planning of activities, has great potential to enhance the ability of food safety professionals to work more effectively with the retail food industry.